Questions to Ask to Your Pediatrician About Introducing Solid Foods to Little One

Baby at Doctor

Your baby’s four- or six-month well-child visit is the best time to talk to your pediatrician about starting solid foods, including those with top allergens – foods that commonly cause allergic reactions. We’ve put together some questions to ask your pediatrician during your visit to ensure you receive the personalized advice you need to successfully introduce these foods into your baby’s diet. 

  1. How soon after introducing solid foods should I give my baby a food that commonly causes allergic reactions, like peanut?
  2. Is my child considered high risk for developing a food allergy?
  3. Are there special considerations if I or another child or family member has food allergies? 
  4. Will I prevent my baby from developing peanut allergy if I follow the guidelines and introduce peanut foods early?
  5. How often, and for how long, should I feed my baby peanut-containing foods?   
  6. Which allergy-causing foods should I introduce first? 
  7. Can I give my baby multiple allergy-causing foods at the same time?   
  8. What should I do if my baby starts to show one or more symptoms of a possible allergic reaction? At what point should I contact your office?